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Donate to NorCal Golden Lovers

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We are an amazing family, sharing our love for the best dog breed ever! 

Putting on these kinds of events comes with a cost, however, and as we grow in

numbers (of people and dogs), costs rise with our growth. If you're able to support us with a 25 dollar contribution through Venmo/PayPal, that makes you one of our...

"Very Important Goldens"






A "VIG" will receive some thank you gifts regular attendees do not. Because you were  kind enough to make a donation, these extra items will be in a gift bag we give you on arrival. Think of it like a bag of swag celebrities receive at awards shows! We appreciate your support. Thank you.

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Checks can be mailed to:

NorCal Golden Lovers

4352 Newbury Court

Shasta Lake, CA 96019




Pay Pal:

Amber Moore @norcalgoldenlovers

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